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Top 10 Emerging RPOs in Europe - 2022

Technology has constantly been developing and redefining the way we work and live. But when it comes to hiring talent, most companies still depend on traditional recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) firms. However, with changing trends, even recruitment technology is going through several iterations, and with that, even the gamut of new-age RPO providers are changing. The new recruitment technology trends are improving the hiring process to a great extent such that it is no longer an exhaustive process. So, as technology keeps advancing, the RPO sector is also adopting newer new technology trends in order to tackle their tasks of talent acquisition and administration in a far more modern and efficient way.

Most notably, many RPO companies are utilising the power of AI. This technology is enabling recruiters to save a significant amount of time in streamlining the selection process of A-level candidates without bias. In addition, the influx of AI chatbot is also enabling recruiters to focus on an emotional and communicative aspect of hiring without hindrance. Leveraging the clout of AI, applicant tracking systems (ATS) are also becoming a great boon for recruiters for making informed candidate selections more quickly.

At this juncture, there is a variety of emerging RPO providers that are entering the market to cater to the different needs of the recruitment domain. To help them choose the solution that best fits their requirement, Manage HR has compiled a list of emerging RPOs in Europe. Besides, the magazine also comprises insights from thought leaders in the sector on the industry trends, best practices, recent innovations, and their advice for aspiring CHROs and CXOs.

We present to you Manage HR’s, “Top 10 Emerging RPOs in Europe – 2022.

    Top Emerging RPOs in Europe

  • Concessum Ltd.’s services include exports of the work force worldwide and imports of the work force to Croatia. In co-operation with well established agencies, employers and responsible authorities worldwide, they provide all kinds of services associated with employment and acquiring relevant documents and visas. Furthermore, the company provides education and training for potential candidates in accordance with demands and needs of particular countries and employers. Their mission is constant improvement of vocational, legal and organizational operations will contribute to creating greater value for the individual and wider community. They aim to become a key centre for job placement and recruitment for individuals and companies throughout the world and a recognised partner, known for the quality of service and responsible corporate behaviour.

  • Eagle Eye Staffing is an international IT recruitment company focused on finding best talents and executive search of professionals to operate in roles within major technology and audit consultancies, blue chip organizations and software companies. Eagle Eye delivers cost-efficient body leasing solutions in a wide variety of scenarios. They can provide a qualified IT work force for short or long-term projects in any geographic location and can build teams in any technology required by their clients. They are focused on executive search of professionals to operate in roles within major technology and audit consultancies, blue chip organizations and software companies and they can offer their clients better focus, market knowledge and a quality service delivery.

  • FEL


    A technology leader in the recruiting industry, providing RPO services to enterprises and assisting them in finding the best executives, managers, professionals, and workers (Blue Collar). Project management, job marketing, active sourcing, applicant management, selection, and reporting are among the iRPO services offered by the organisation. FEL also handles talent multi-sourcing, such as sending recruiting advertising on several job sites that are rich in SEO keywords. The project manager discusses the profile with the customer for each project in order to understand the needs and direct the hiring process. By extensively analysing the employer brand and establishing their requirements, iRPO provides comprehensive project management services. The organisation then chooses the finest approach for recruiting applicants and establishes a continuous flow of requests between recruiters and prospects.

  • Since its foundation in 2011 in Zug, Prime21 AG has grown steadily and with great success. In 2012, they added an independent SAP recruiting department at their new location in Zurich. This was followed by the specialisation in IT Systems Engineering. In summer 2015, they launched the PrimeSelect brand, handling exclusive retained searches and special projects. In winter 2015, they successfully engaged the services of Bruno Minder, an experienced insider with a long-standing reputation in the Bern market. Since then, they have been extending its local presence from this Bern base. In summer 2016, their company began to restructure its organization with the aim of focusing on their activities more closely on enhancing its client and candidate support.

  • A recruitment process outsourcing provider offering its customers independent advice, implementation of adapted recruitment processes, on-site assistance, and support in actively recruiting employees. TempSearch, over a period of ten years, grew to be incredibly successful in this field due to its talented staff members and four distinct building blocks. Each recruiter within the company is well-equipped with several years of experience as recruiting technical specialists and management personnel. Consequently, this has empowered TempSearch to aid customers with mission-critical independent advice, streamlined implementation of various recruitment processes, on-site assistance, and unparalleled support in actively recruiting employees

  • Uplift People Consulting solves people challenges and drives HR transformation with people, analytics, and technology focus to match talents with the right opportunities internationally. The company’s recruitment teams are strategically located in Europe, the Middle East, Africa (EMEA), and the APAC region. Moreover, these teams are equipped with the latest technological tools and platforms, so that they can connect even with difficult-to-reach candidates across larger geographies and varying time zones without being hindered by the pandemic’s challenges. This ease of access to a diverse candidate pool enables the company to generate the first shortlist of potential employees for clients in no more than five working days, a feat that speaks volumes for itself.

  • VGS


    VGS RPO Services are expert at providing results focussed and highly cost effective RPO and MSP solutions across a broad range of sectors. They are helping organizations achieve their talent acquisition goals that require expertise in recruitment processes with exceptional candidate and supply partner reach. Their unrelenting focus is to ensure excellent outcomes for clients, supply partners and candidates. They deliver a cost reduction RPO service that binds clients, candidates, partners and processes into a seamless recruitment model. Talent acquisition is the lifeblood of any organization, it powers growth and impacts on business objectives. Their clients achieve their goals by building and maintaining a resilient, process driven recruitment platform so that they can bring on board the best talent thereby gaining the competitive edge that is so vital in today's commercial environment.

  • Gerstenberg Consulting

    Gerstenberg Consulting

    Gerstenberg Consulting is a professional search company offering headhunting, recruitment and RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) services to the Scandinavian market. We work as your brand ambassador and trusted talent partner, engaging and attracting top talents at senior level. In addition to the traditional headhunting/recruitment services, they also offer RPO services to their customers. One can outsource the complete recruitment process to them, and their consultants will undertake the end to end recruitment process, working under the brand as their in house recruitment partner. They search for commercial roles within senior and executive level to Consulting companies, Tech, and Digital Firstmovers here in the Nordics

  • Guidant IRC

    Guidant IRC

    Guidant Global’s award-winning recruitment outsourcing expertise combined with IRC’s in-depth knowledge of the Irish recruitment market creates a powerful combination. Together as Guidant IRC, they offer a highly personal localised approach to their client’s biggest staffing challenges. Their tailored MSP, RPO and specialist staffing solutions will future-proof the recruitment strategy and transform the approach to workforce management. They have implemented extensive processes to make sure that they provide the best service for their clients, candidates and suppliers. Their drive for sustained improvement means that they review our programme management strategy regularly to make sure it represents best practice within our industry.

  • Se Recruitment

    Se Recruitment

    Founded by Simone Eret in 2018, SE RECRUITMENT offers a great alternative to conventional recruitment firms. Their business model is a combination of RPO and headhunting, combining the advantages of both: cost-coverage on its side and cost-efficiency for their clients. RPO stands for Recruitment Process Outsourcing. They manage the recruitment process from A-Z. Their fees are based on the candidate profile and how hard it is to find them - not on their salary. The company has been working with mid-sized and smaller companies in Germany, France, Switzerland, and Spain. They make sure their client’s future employees get a great interview experience and qualified feedback in the best possible delay.

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